NAHEL AL HALABI conductor composer


stories through music



Nahel Al Halabi

Nahel has been living in Italy since 2012, where he founded C.R.C.World, which intends to pursue the creation of a cultural-artistic bridge between Europe and the Arab world, through initiatives and projects that allow comparisons between different experiences.

The latest project born from Nahel’s heart is “Amata Syria”, a multimedia musical performance for charity, which, through his original musical compositions, tells true stories of Syrian people, especially of children.

Advocating Syria, he has co-operating with UNHCR, UNICEF, R. F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation and many other international organizations.

In Syria, where he has actively worked until 2012, he founded the Syrian Philharmonic Orchestra, he directed the Music Conservatories of the Ministry of Culture in which he set up the first complete system of pre-academic musical studies. He has been full-professor at Higher Institute of Music in Damascus.

In 2000 he obtained his bachelor’s degree in trumpet and double bass at the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus, his native town. In the following years he chose Italy to deepen the musical disciplines with the four-year study of the old system and the achievement of the II Academic Diploma level in trumpet at Nicolò Paganini Conservatory of Genoa. He studied music composition for images and attended specialized courses in orchestra conducting. His main teachers are Valery Lobanov, Jihad Sukkar, Elia Savino, Luigi Gioacchino, Raffaele Cecconi and Howard Williams.