Nahel Al Halabi AMATA SIRIA 01 oltre Classical

Men, women and children from Damascus, entangled in their personal stories, look for a way to be free from the memories and the difficulties the war caused them in the last few year. Every single person faced obstacles and despair: from finding themselves in a hospital bed, to losing their job, home and family. Sometimes winding up without anything, at a point where everything is lost forever. The only possibility they have is to go on, to look forward, to take one more step beyond.
Beyond the place, the time and the space that has been stolen, beyond the hot sun of the Middle East, beyond the life that seemed to be a right and is only on loan instead.
Finding oneself, rediscovering oneself, dressing up with new hopes, new purpose, new wishes: this is the hard job of Syrian people today. Ready to turn to a place where the air smells of flowers and where people still smile.

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